How to ship your cracked screens to Sky high for new LCDs or Cash?

Transaction Flow:
If you work in Los Angeles or New York city area,you may take the cracked screens to our warehouse and have our staff tested for you on site. After we test the cracked screens, we will issue you a report indicated the value of your screens.

Otherwise, please fill the information below, request a shipping label, tape the label onto the box and drop off the parcel at a FedEX store, then your items will be shipped to our warehouse.
(Please pack properly so that the LCDs would not be damaged during the transit. )

*Our shipping address is 16710 E Johnson Dr. City of industry CA 91745.*

After we recieve the package, we will test it and send you a report once finished.
We pay cash or check for your cracked LCDs,or you may use the credit to deducted the amounts you should pay when buying our new LCD asssembly(We or customer pay the diffenerce depends on the balance.)

Right now we only accept iphone and Samsung cracked LCDs.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice
Please pack safely in bubble wrap+ box

*We are responsible for the shipping costs of the cracked screens.*

What is Original/Aftermarket/Red LCD? What is Skyhigh’s testing standard?

What is Original/Aftermarket/Red LCD? What is Skyhigh’s testing standard?

OEM/Original screens: Original LCD and digitizer, both touch and display are good, hasn’t been refurbished before.

Copy/aftermarket screens: Working LCD and digitizer (Normally the copy screens have stamps of manufacturer on the reverse side.)

Red/pink: Good Lcd, Good digitizer, and there is a red haze in the middle of the Lcd display.

Bad LCD:Malfuntioning digitizer or LCD display.

For the cracked screen which has minor defect such as yellow spot, bruised or water damage etc, normally we will take it as a copy quality.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the quality of your products?
A1. Mainly original, with that being said, we also provide high copy for the US market upon customer’s request.

Q2. How long does it takes to test the screens?
A2. 1-2 days after we get the shipment.(Not including Sundays or any national holiday.),Once we finish the testing, we will send you a report.

What is your warranty, return or refund policy?

Warranty Policy

All defective merchandise may be returned within 6 months from the day being sold.

Returns are only accepted if the item have Skyhigh group’s unique Identification Stamp, please DO NOT ship the RMA products of other vendors to us otherwise we only take it as cracked screen, no exception.

Returns are only accepted if item is defective or not working properly. Damage to the LCD glass will not be covered under any guarantee.

Please pack separately if you combine with the cracked LCDs and RMA items in one parcel and mark down the RMA items to avoid any mistakes which may occur.

After we receive the RMA items, we will send the good one to you with the following order.(or deduct the amounts you should pay for the next order)

Have any questions regarding RMA issues, feel free to email us or visit our office.

How To Order Parts

For customers in Los Angeles or New York city, you can go to our warehouse to pick up. We might deliver to your store upon avilibility and depends on the quantity you order.

For customers in other parts of US, please wire the payment to our bank accounts and we will ship the mechandise from our warehouse in US.The arrival time depends on some factors and different areas.